Exterior Design new 2010-2011 Volvo S80

The refreshed Volvo S80 is being unveiled for the very first time at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. Due to go on sale in spring 2009, the S80 has received a range of minor cosmetic updates but more importantly for European drivers, two revised five-cylinder diesel engines, the 2.4D and D5 plus the new low CO2-emitting 1.6D DRIVe diesel model.



And the current Volvo S80 not only comprises of the performance and power but it also consists of a number of features so as to increase the performance and delivery. There is also an Adaptive Cruise Control system used in the Volvo cars. This system makes sure that the driver has a relaxing experience while driving. This is done by a radar sensor, which makes the speed of the vehicle slow in case the vehicle that is in front of you slows. So, this is a great car overall in performance and comfort.

Exterior Design new 2010-2011 Volvo S80

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